Plymouth’s Hair Loss Replacement Specialists Also Supplying Human Hair Wigs and Toppers.


Plymouth’s Hair Loss Replacement Specialists Also supplying Human Hair Wigs and Toppers.

Hair Loss Replacement Wigs and Toppers at GG’s

Hair loss in women is not uncommon, be it associated with stress, illness, hormones or genetics but hair loss in women is often so much more difficult to cope with that it is for men and can lead to lack of confidence and low esteem.

GG’s Hair replacement systems are quick and easy and can help to give you back that confidence and have you looking even better than your old self.

Are you considering hair replacement?

  • Do you suffer from Hair Loss or thinning of the natural hair?
  • Do you have naturally short hair around 1 inch long?
  • Have you suffered from stress and lost parts of your hair and you just do not know why its happened?
  • Do you suffer from Alopecia?
  • Have you had treatment such as chemotherapy or suffered from Cancer and lost most of your hair?
  • Are you looking for a hair replacement system?
  • Are you looking for a natural looking wig or topper that requires no maintenance?

Then look no further! Our NEW hair loss service is now available at GG’s, Plymouth. Now based in a private room with Wyatts Barbers.

Our brand new techniques can help woman who are suffering with severe Hair Loss. We can help you gain more confidence and make you feel more like a woman again.

GG’s offer FREE consultations to work out what type of hair system wig or topper will be best for you and your type of hair loss. Our friendly team and staff will help you re create your hair and gain back the longer and thicker hair you have always wanted.

Client Stories

Client 1

Our lovely client was travelling to Bristol, every 8 weeks to have maintenance on her current system. Our client only lives around the corner from our salon so was extremely happy when we started offering the hair replacement system. Our client has suffered with alopecia for many years and our hair replacement system gives her her confidence and hair back that shes always wanted.

Client 2

Our client travelled around 1 hour to visit our salon and have her hair replacement system fitted after suffering from cancer and losing all her hair to her chemotherapy treatment. Our hair replacement system gave her her old hair back and looking fab for her daughters wedding.
Hair Loss
New Look

Client 3

This is Michelle, Michelle unfortunately got a terminal diagnosis suffering from cancer. At such a young age of only 48, Michelle wanted her hair back she had before all her treatment started.
This was a very emotional day and Gemma tried to make her day as enjoyable as possible and made sure she created exactly what Michelle wanted.
Michelle was very happy with the outcome and there was tears all round!

Michelle’s system cost £995
A tighten is required every 4-5 weeks for £75

GG’s Meshless Secret Micro Parting

This method is used to create a natural look for women who are thinning on the top. A grid of your natural hair and micro rings are created on top of your scalp then Gemma sews a parting to create thickness on top and adding thickness to your natural hair.

This method does not take long to apply and prices start from only £460 plus VAT Your parting will last 3-6 months plus with correct aftercare and regular maintenance.

We also offer the best quality human hair toppers and wigs that look extremely natural. Custom made to your requirements, you can choose the length, colour, density and base to suit your hair loss.

The correct method will be discussed during a free consultation and Gemma will work out what is best for you and your hair.

Secret Parting
before and after

GGs secret parting with weave

This is Giselle, Giselle is part of the military wife’s choir and also starred on the ITV daytime show loose women when promoting the film!
Giselle hated her short thick hair so Gemma applied two different methods to create this gorgeous look.
Gemma applied a GG’s secret parting to the top of the scalp then layers or wefts underneath to create this full head of hair extensions with no sight of any short thick hair.
Maintenance on the parting is required every 4-6 weeks with the weaves needing maintenance every 6-8 weeks plus.

Maintenance for the parting is priced at £75
Maintenance for the weaves £25 a row.

Freewear System

Our client suffers from Alopecia totalis, this is 100% total hair loss and her hair is never likely to return, here we have built a hair system on my client and it’s fit bespoke to her scalp. A freewear system is similar to a wig but is attached with tape for extra security, you can take your freewear system off at night before bed, this will also help your system to last longer. A free wear system takes around 6-7 hours to create and we only use the best quality hair to make sure your system lasts and looks great for at least 9-12 months.

Freewear system at GG's


Our hair replacement systems start from £895.
A tighten is required every 4-5 weeks for £75, this is where all the hair system is tightened up to feel secure again after a few weeks of growth. This appointment takes around 1 hour.

A re-alignment is required every 2-3 tightens at £150. A re-alignment is where we remove the whole system, we check your scalp, wash with a cleansing shampoo, wash your whole hair system and re-apply. This appointment can take up to 3 hours.

Prices for a freewear system start from £1200 plus VAT depending on what quality of hair we use.
Our human hair wigs and toppers start from £500 plus VAT depending on length and density requirements.

Pay no VAT on any hair system, wig or topper if you have a hair loss diagnosis through your doctor.


Hair Replacement System Gallery

New Look
Secret Parting with Weave
Hair Loss
before and after