Eyelashes – Semi Permanent

Transform your lashes with our eyelash extensions to give you longer, fuller and very natural looking lashes that will last for up to two months.

Using state-of-the-art techniques we apply one lash at a time onto your existing lashes to give you beautiful, lush lashes that will look and feel completely natural. And you don’t have to compromise, you can shower, exercise, swim and sleep without a care in the world.

Semi Permanent eyelash extensions are also perfect for weddings and all special occasions, not only will you look your best, you can also shed a few tears safe in the knowledge that you won’t end up with smeared panda eyes or worrying that your false strip lashes may fall off!




  • DO plan around 2 hours for your appointment – you want to relax during your treatment and not worry about the things that you should be rushing to.

  • DO NOT wear make up for your appointment (it will only have to be removed prior to the appointment).

  • DO NOT wear contact lenses, please wear your glasses.

  • DO inform your therapist of any known eye conditions during your consultation. In case of infections or other contraindications the treatment may not be suitable while this condition persists.

  • DO inform your therapist of any other conditions like claustrophobia or neck problems or any other symptoms that could make your treatment uncomfortable.


  • DO NOT visit saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools during the first 48 hours and try to avoid it thereafter.

  • DO NOT shower hot and long for the next 48 hours (quick luke warm showers are better).

  • DO treat your lashes very gentle!

    Avoid touching the lashes and avoid moisture for the next 24 hours to allow enough time for the bond to fully set. After this time please only gently brush upwards with an eye brush/comb.

  • DO NOT under any circumstances rub your eyes, you risk pulling the lash extensions which could pull your own lashes out!

  • DO NOT use any oil based make up remover and when removing make up use a cotton bud near the lash line to prevent damaging the bond.

  • DO NOT use oil based mascara or other products around your eye.

    Your therapist can recommend the products that are safe to use in order to enjoy your lash extensions as long as possible. It will not be necessary to use mascara but if you do ensure you use the right products and only apply the mascara t the tip of the lashes – under no circumstances to the base of the lash.

  • DO NOT use any eye lash curls or other tools to form your lashes.

  • DO follow these aftercare instructions to ensure that you can enjoy your lashes for the full lash growth cycle.

  • DO get regular infills (rebalances) done by your therapist to maintain the lashes. Recommended is every 2-3 weeks but this depends on your lash growth cycle and if your cycle is slower you might not need infills as often but you will notice how often you will need infills and your therapist will give you some tips and book you in regularly with regular maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks.


Full set of Semi Permanant Individual eyelashes ONLY £40.00 

Maintenance every 2-3 weeks from £20.00

Eyelash tint £9.00

Do you already have an excellent set of lashes and do not require extensions? Then book in for a Lash Lift and make your natural lashes look gorgeous

Lash Lift – FREE Tint only £30.00

Patch test required for all new clients 48 hours in advance with our qualified therapist.