All our semi-permanent brow treatments are £250.00. We offer Microblading, digital Microblading and ombre brows.

All prices include two treatments 4-12 weeks apart to get the perfect results. There are three options of technique to choose from, this will be discussed during your free consultation as to which method is best for your skin type and type of shape required.


Digital Machine Method

This is applied with a single needle. This method will last approximately 3 years, the tattooing method with a digital machine allows for a longer lasting natural longer result. This method is suited for all skin types and ages.


Microblading Method

applied with a tiny blade, lasts around 1-2 years depending on skin type. The hand tool tattooing method is a manual way of implanting pigment, creating slightly finer hairstrokes but does not last quite as long as the single needle machine method. This technique is better for normal to dry skin types. Is not recommended for oily, sensitive or delicate skin types.


Ombre Brows

These are shaded brows to create a make up look, lighter at the tops and front for an ombre effect. Suitable for all skin types, busy lifestyles (regular gym sessions, holidays etc.) Perfect for those wanting a more defined finish day to day. This is our preferred method for oily skin types as it will last you longer.

Please contact [email protected] to book your free consultation or call Charlotte on 07977 341116